Our work, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

At Albian Group we carry out actions aimed at our commitment and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

We really want to be part of the change, contributing from the areas in which we can contribute the most and that is why we carry out initiatives in favor of several of the SDGs.

One aspect that concerns us the most is the environment, given the rapid rate of deterioration that we are seeing in our planet and the serious climatic consequences that we are suffering in all regions of the world. For this reason, we are very aware of SDGs 13, 14 and 15.

Since 2021 we collaborate with Tree Nation organization, through which we carry out periodic tree plantations in different active projects, to fight deforestation and combat climate change. We are also concerned about the protection of underwater life, which is why we promote actions among our staff aimed at reducing plastic consumption. Some time ago we distributed foldable cloth bags for workers to use in their purchases, replacing the usual plastic bags, and corporate glass bottles are also given to staff, to avoid the use of plastic bottles. This is a material that is encouraged to be avoided as much as possible in our workplaces.

In the office we always raise awareness among employees about sustainable practicessuch as: printing only what is necessary, encouraging the use of digital files, turning off lights and computers when not in use, using low-consumption light bulbs, complying with the waste recycling system… In this way we impact objective number 12 too..

We also bring sustainability to the field of clean rooms, working to create efficient facilities. . Furthermore, in the factory we work to improve the efficiency of processes and we strive to increasingly reduce the environmental impact in our projects, our ISO 14001 accreditation supports this.

Both in offices and in our production plant we have recycling and waste management policies. Likewise, monitoring is carried out to guarantee the proper disposal of hazardous waste in the official landfills designated for this purpose.

Another aspect in which we invest a lot of effort is social. Health and well-being, as well as the fight against inequalities, identified as objectives 3 and 10. We maintain regular collaboration with the “Fundación Columbus”, organizing or sponsoring events whose objective is to raise funds to facilitate access to the most advanced and effective treatments for children with cancer or rare diseases, in order to improve their expectancy and quality of life. In the same way, we collaborate occasionally with other charities such as, for example, “Cris contra el cancer”.

Related to this topic, we are pleased to see that thanks to the work we carry out at Albian Group we are responsible for the creation of facilities in which vaccines, medicines and advanced therapies are manufactured to change the lives of so many people. This is what really gives meaning to all the projects we carry out, since they ultimately end up generating a positive impact on society.

Sustainable development goal number 5 is also very present in our workplaces. We have an equality protocol and we have deeply internalized respect for all people regardless of their race, sex or sexual condition. We offer the same opportunities and working conditions to both men and women. Always keeping these sustainable development goals in mind and carrying out actions aligned with them on a daily basis, helps us maintain focus on an important factor, which is giving real meaning to our work,while also seeking to generate a positive impact in society and the planet..

Albian Group -CPHI