ALBIAN vertical laminar flow cabinets offer the highest level of operator protection, minimizing the risk of possible cross-contamination with other products or processes through HEPA filtration.

Robust construction and high reliability make them suitable for a long service life in all application sectors, offering ample space to handle many types and sizes of containers.


  • Construction of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.
  • EC fans of high efficiency and low sound level with adjustable speed.
  • Air laminator of perforated stainless steel sheet.
  • LED lighting.
  • Filters – two stages:
    · 1 – Pre-filtering: G-4 filters (90-95% gravimetric).
    · 2 – Final filtering: H-14 filters (99.995% MPPS E).
    · Replacement of filters: from the work area.
  • Electricity and control:
    · Double pressure gauge with differential reading: filters clogging control.
    · Electrical protection elements.
    · Filter clogging alarm.
    · Siemens S7 automata + GUI touchscreen.
    · Hot wire speed probe.
  • Air speed adjustable from 0.45 m/s ±20%.
    PVC strips anti-static curtain.
    Equipment split for easy assembly.

Main advantages

Ample space for comfortable and safe handling of work items.
EC fans with high efficiency and low noise level, with adjustable speed.

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