Modular portable laboratories for biocontainment activities

At Albian Group we are specialists in the construction of controlled environment facilities, also offering small format clean room solutions.

This is possible thanks to our modular portable laboratories (MPL), which are cutting-edge laboratories, ideal for carrying out biocontainment activities.

Each MPL has a bespoke design and it is conceived to carry out the corresponding investigations under the mandatory biological safety requirements.

We can build these MPLs with custom-made modular structures or with standard maritime containers, duly modified. The great advantage is that the construction of these mobile laboratories is carried out quickly, in our facilities, where they are also tested and, once their correct functionality has been checked, they are sent to the client to be placed in their final location.

Once tested, MPLs can be sent anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that the user has a flat area where it can be placed.

We design the interior according to the user’s requirements, with maximum flexibility, but always taking into account the premises of international Biosafety standards (BSL standards). Thanks to its high quality of construction, especially highlighting the maximum care in all joints, seals and penetrations, this type of portable laboratory minimizes the risk of exposure of neighboring areas to biological contaminants.

In terms of design, the laboratory should consist of at least an anteroom and a laboratory room. However, due to the usual space requirements in both laboratories and the technical area, an MPL BSL 3 system will normally consist of at least 1 container for the laboratory and one for the technical area. The main and auxiliary containers will be connected by a hermetic connection and together will form a complete biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory.

For the interior equipment of the MPL we always work with certified international warranty suppliers, so its final destination will not reduce the system warranty. Among the interior equipment, the autoclave, the effluent treatment system or certain equipment that Albian also designs and manufactures stand out, such as biological safety cabinets or H2O2 disinfection passboxes.

We can say that these MPLs are “plug and play” type clean rooms, since they can be used immediately after delivery, this being a great advantage in avoiding any loss of income due to a production stoppage. A long trajectory in the design and construction of this type of modular solutions supports us. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions regarding biological safety laboratories, both portable and fixed.

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