Associations and directories in which Albian Group participates

Albian Group is present in different associations and directories of the sector. Here is a review of the main ones in which it participates:

First of all, several Albian Group employees are registered as members of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering). It is an international, non-profit association that allows connecting and transmitting knowledge in science and technology, through a wide network of professionals.

At international level, Albian Group is also a member of A3P, a key French association in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. For more than 30 years it has contributed to the successful development of the production of medicines and clean equipment through its network of manufacturers and suppliers. It currently has thousands of members who share their knowledge on the subject through different events and working groups.

On the other hand, at a local area, Albian Group is also an associate company of CEBEK, the Bizkaia Business Confederation. Thanks to it we receive consultancy services and training in various areas of interest to Albian employees.

In addition, we are also present in different directories:

  • In the one of  Pharmatech, a Spanish magazine of the sector.


  • We are also present in the directory of Farmaespaña, another reference magazine in the sector.

  • We are registered in the German magazine Reinraum too.

  • We also have presence in the directory of A3P, the above-mentioned French association.

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