Albian Group was headline news in the 90s

Our large group began its activity in 1987, with the founding of Ingeclima, the first company to be part of the family. At that time, “pesetas” (spanish currency) were still part of our daily lives, as evidenced by this news item dated 1992, when Ingeclima was published in the press due to an important project carried out for the Spanish Enterprise of Penicillin and Antibiotics (CEPA) in Madrid.

The above-mentioned project consisted on the construction of 33 clean rooms, with a total surface of 400 square meters and at the same time, the news also highlighted another relevant project carried out in the capital for CBF LETI, focused on the installation of an innovative computerized equipment in the sterile rooms of their laboratories, in order to control certain crucial variables in their production processes. Secondarily, another minor project is also mentioned, carried out for a laboratory in Bilbao (in the north of Spain).

We are proud to see how even then Albian Group was executing large-scale, publicly recognized projects. These were some of our initial projects in cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical sector that would be followed by many more, year after year, reaching all corners of the world with our comprehensive solutions. Today, Albian Group is a solid group of companies, backed by more than 35 years of experience and with a portfolio of top-level clients to whom we appreciate the trust placed in us.

Albian Group -CPHI