We continue collaborating with Tree-Nation

At Albian Group we care about contributing our little grain of sand to try to build a better future. One of our main concerns is the environment, which suffers so much from the action of human beings, which is the reason why we continue with the project that we started thanks to Tree-Nation at the beginning of 2021, carrying out periodic plantations.

This time, our focus has been the forests and lands of Spain, given that we have seen them suffer closely during this summer, destroyed by numerous fires. Our small contribution has been to plant several tree specimens in the “Recover the Mediterranean diversity” project.

With this new action we will offset another 800 kg of CO2, which together with the trees we have already planted until now, make a total of 6.56 tons of CO2 eliminated by our Albian forest.

The evolution of our plantations can be followed here.


Albian Group -CPHI