The OEL and Safety Showers

The OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) is an indicator that is used to prevent risks to the health of workers when handling chemical or dangerous substances. It is defined as the concentration in the air of a substance to which it is believed that workers could be repeatedly exposed throughout their working lives without suffering adverse effects.

The purpose of establishing a certain level of OEL is to ensure that workers are adequately protected during their working hours in contact with that substance. Exposure to the hazardous substance could occur through inhalation, ingestion, or dermal contact. Therefore, the value of the OEL is established to protect people, this being the value considered acceptable from the point of view of exposure at work.

OEL - Duchas de Seguridad

In line with the guarantee of operator safety against dangerous substances, Albian Group decontamination showers are born. Specifically, the RLM-750 PT MIST automatic mist encapsulation shower is specially designed as an entry and exit barrier in areas with controlled contamination. It allows the safe entry and exit of personnel in biosafety laboratories, animal facilities or SPF areas, among others.

This shower allows the creation of a barrier between areas of different chemical risk and, moreover, it is also available for installation in ATEX zones.

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