In a clean room, there are different security access systems known as SAS, which allow the entry and exit of materials without compromising the classification of the clean room.

Ad-tech, as part of Albian Group and specialized in equipment for clean rooms, designs and manufactures SAS with different characteristics and according to the specific needs of the client.

These pass-through systems can act in overpressure or depression, depending on the needs of the room and additionally their input and output system can be of a different type: front passage, corner passage or floor passage.

The available types of SAS are diverse and all manufactured in accordance with GMP regulations:

  • Passive SAS
  • Dynamic SAS
  • H2O2 biodecontamination SAS
  • UV biodecontamination SAS
  • Radioprotection SAS
  • Customised SAS

To learn more about the characteristics of each type of SAS, you can expand the information here.

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