Current laboratories are areas subject to rapid evolution. Their departments undergo reorganisations requiring a new use of the available space. This has made the use of panels for clean rooms the best system for compartmentalising, replacing traditional partitions.
Our modular “Flush Systems CR-60” system allows the elements installed to be removed and placed in new layouts.

The division of new departments or the modification of existing ones can be carried out quickly and at minimal cost. The partitions assembly consists of self-supporting monolithic panels of various thicknesses, connected with hidden aluminium profiles. Made of sandwich panel, they have a smooth surface and are easily disassembled.

We have wide range of panel types to meet the specific needs of each project. The particular concept of the system for building and assembling movable walls allows a single panel to be replaced without the need to remove its adjoining panels. The panels’ standard thickness is 60 mm which allows the embedding of the electrical fittings – switches, sockets, pushbuttons, door state signalling lights, etc – as well as the building of removable and inspectable technical panels (utilities).

The movable walls are made of modular self-supporting panels with surface finishes suitable for providing sterile and controlled contamination ambients.

The choice of coating depends on the activity undertaken in the clean room. The following surface finishes are available for walls:

• Laminated melamine on compact phenol.
• Lacquered aluminium.
• Enamelled sheet.
• Stainless steel.
• Glass.

• HPL, Phenolic resin 3 mm thick; other thicknesses optional.
• SP, lacquered sheet steel 0.6 mm thick; other thicknesses optional.
• AL, lacquered aluminium 0.8 mm thick; other thicknesses optional.
• SSP, stainless steel sheet 0.6 mm thick; other thicknesses optional.
• SA, acrylic stone, made of Bauxite and resins, 3 mm thick.
• PC-ABS, polycarbonate, 2 mm thick.

• EPS, Expanded polystyrene 25 Kg/m³.
• XPS, Extruded polystyrene 35 Kg/m³.
• PIR, Polyisocyanurate 40 Kg/m³.
• PUR, Injected polyurethane 40 Kg/m³.
• MW, Rock wool 150 Kg/m³.
• CK, Cork 120 Kg/m³.
• PB, Lead sheet of various thicknesses.
• HC, Honeycomb.


• Quick and clean assembly

• Easy disassembly and re-use thanks to its modularity.

• Standard parts

• Foreseeable costs.

• Eliminates uncertainty.

• Internal electrical and computer conduits.

• Guarantees the desired result.

• Invest in peace of mind.

Main advantages

Modular system for easy assembly and dismantling
Multiple configurations and compliance with GMP regulations

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