Our modular portable laboratories

At Albian Group we design and manufacture modular portable laboratories (MPL) for different processes and levels of security: level 2, 3 and 4 in biological safety.

The great advantage of an MPL is that it allows to create a space with clean room conditions anywhere, since it is portable, so it can be easily transported and installed. In the same way, thanks to its modular design, this installation can be expanded very easily. We adapt the characteristics of the MPL to the specific needs of each client for its operations in several sectors such as pharmaceutical, hospitals, biotechnology, research … Always guaranteeing maximum safety in the processes.

The MPL also has the possibility of adding optional equipment such as an isolator, disinfection systems or technical furniture among others.

Therefore, at Albian Group we offer you the possibility of having a customized clean room, easy to install, anywhere.

Albian Group -CPHI