New solid and semi-solid plant

We executed an important project for the new facilities of a leading pharmaceutical company in Colombia.

The works undertaken by the Albian team include:

  • Hygienic enclosures for manufacturing areas (panels, ceilings, floors, finishes, doors, windows) and furniture (lockers)
  • Soil treatment by multilayer epoxy resin
  • Installation of luminaires in manufacturing areas and technical area
  • HVAC system
  • Production and distribution of cold water
  • Production and distribution of hot water
  • BMS regulation and control system
  • Compressed air
  • Industrial steam
  • Purified Water (PW)
  • Cleaning system (CIP)
  • Commissioning of the installation

Project milestones

Excelente coordinación y planificación para acometer en los tiempos establecidos un proyecto de envergadura para compañía de referencia en su sector en Colombia.