Hermetic closing door that satisfies the isolation needs in areas of controlled contamination, biosecurity, containment areas, etc.
They are suitable for working at BSL 3, BSL 4 and OEL biosafety levels and are certified CLASS 4 EN-12207-2000.
The system integrated into the design of our 3.0 Inflatable Seal Doors eliminates the external anti-vandalism tube, allowing air to reach the frame through the hinge. In this way, the perforations in the frame are reduced, obtaining a greater tightness, in addition to reducing the number of necessary pneumatic connection elements.
The hinges are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Its design and robustness allow easy maintenance and more effective cleaning, as well as greater durability.
In addition, we continue to group electrical and control components in one easily accessible point while maintaining frame integrity. In this way, the connection and its implementation are speeded up.


  • Guaranteed sealing and hygiene with an inflatable and retractable pneumatic gasket.
  • Quality and robustness.
  • Available in all sizes to order.
  • Various types of finishes.
  • Door flush on both sides and on the floor to allow carts to pass.
  • Electromagnetic suction lock.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Main advantages

High tightness
Easy assembly and maintenance

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