Albian Group celebrates its 35th anniversary!

It is celebration time because Albian Group is nothing less than 35 years old. When it began its journey, its founders could not even imagine that the group would become a reference in the world of clean rooms or that they would have clients beyond European borders. At the beginning they did not suspect that they were laying the foundations of a family that would grow until it reached the 150 workers it currently has.

Certainly, Albian Group has experienced spectacular growth, managing to internationalize its client portfolio in a significant way and having a network of agents in various countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. In the national territory, it has its headquarters in Bilbao, near its production centre in Abanto-Zierbena, as well as its delegations in Barcelona and Madrid, which also play a fundamental role in the business in the national territory.

From here we would like to thank all the clients who trust us for their projects and the wonderful team that makes up Albian Group and that is the secret of its success. For many years together!

Albian Group -CPHI