Albian Group and its commitment to the environment through the Tree Nation project

At Albian Group we are firmly committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, among which there is the goal of fighting climate change and working for the life of ecosystems. In line with this objective, our mission is to promote a responsible culture with the environment and take care of the environment, and that is why at Albian Group we have started a beautiful project with Tree-Nation: the “Albian Group forest”.

Thanks to this project, we have begun planting trees of different species in various parts of the planet, with the aim of expanding green areas, participating in reforestation projects and capturing significant amounts of CO2.

We have started this initiative with the planting of 5 trees of the Cedrus Atlántica species in a forest restoration project in France and another 5 of the Simarouba Amara species in a Colombian forest. With the planting of these ten trees we will be compensating 2.80 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. And this is just the beginning, as we will be adding new plantations to our corporative forest.

At Albian Group we are delighted to be able to contribute to nature in this way, providing new ecosystems for animals and generating oxygen for the population with each planted tree.

All the information about our forest can be followed through the Tree Nation web where it is possible to see the activity of our trees, as well as the amount of CO2 made up.

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