We wait for you at Farmaforum 2023

On June 19 and 20, the Biennial Congress of the Spanish Society for Gene and Cellular Therapy (SETGYC) will take place in Pamplona. Albian Group, as part of its commitment and work focused in the field of advanced therapies, participates in this event as one of the official sponsors.

At Albian Group we have a wide experience in the design and construction of GMP facilities in which gene, cell or tissue therapy processes are carried out, which hold great hope in the treatment of serious diseases. For this reason, we consider important to show our knowledge and support of the field of advanced therapies, participating in this reference congress in its field in Spain. Albian representatives will also attend the event, so, in case you would like to have a meeting with our team there, we invite anyone interested to contact us at marketing@albian.es in order to schedule a brief meeting and talk about the 360º solutions that we offer for advanced therapy projects.

Albian Group -CPHI