The connecting profile provides channelling for power lines for sockets, switches and voice and data. These profiles are built in between the partitions, serving as a support and avoiding false elements.
The angular joints between walls, ceiling and floor are built with extruded, lacquered or anodised aluminium profiles with various curve radii to ensure perfect integration with the ceiling and floor.
Extruded and cast aluminium profiles for finishes and internal structures.


To obtain flush systems, the panels are joined with hidden aluminium profiles of a special design. The resulting joints are sealed with silicone putty with fungicide properties to ensure the continuity of the surface.

Innovation! Anti-bacteria coating for Clean Room profiles.


On this occasion, the incessant dialogue between innovation and the needs of our clients allows us to present an innovative application for the architecture of sterile areas.

Clean-Concept has developed a new system of aluminium profiles for finishes in clean rooms that can be supplied optionally with an anti-bacteria coating based on the protective activity of silver ions (Ag+).

Tests and studies carried out have shown the effectiveness of silver ions in reducing microbe growth by more than 99%. Their protective activity is permanent while the coating is conserved and covers a wide range of micro-organisms such as bacteria (S. Aureus, K. Pneumoniae, E. Coli, C. Albicans, P. Aeruginosa, S. Epidermidis, L. neumophila, etc), fungi (mould, yeast) and algae..

The coating is a colloidal solution that forms a uniform layer that resists cleaning and washing.

Recubrimiento antibacteriano en paneles para laboratorios 


Main advantages

Careful finishing and sealing, completely hygienic
Perfect integration with floor and ceiling

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