Puerta de Junta Hinchable para Salas Limpias


Doors and accessories for clean room: Swing doors flush-mounted on both sides. Sliding doors. Gasket inflated seal door for rooms with high containment levels (BSL2, 3 and 4)(OEL I, II and III).

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SAS de suelo en acero inoxidable

Pass Box

Pass Box designed for safe easy transfer of material between classified areas. > Ventilated HEPA filter PASS BOX > Dedusting PASS BOX > UV – Disinfection PASS BOX > Tunnel for continuous treatment

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Containment shower


AIR, WATER & FOG disinfection showers designed as entry and exit barriers for areas of controlled contamination. Air shower, RLM 550 PT, Dedusting. Water shower, RLM 650 PT, Animal facilities. Mist Capsulation shower, RLM 750 PT, Toxic Powders. Disinfection shower, RLM 850 PT, BSL-3 and BSL-4.

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