LUPL LED Lighting: Walkable and maintenance access from false ceiling.


“LIGHT LUPL 600 LED” special for applications in pharmaceutical industry, veterinary, biotechnology and research environments. It is a standardised and perfectly adaptable solution for these sectors and can be installed in conventional clean room panels.




Walkable and maintenance access from false ceiling.



• Dimensions:  Consult.

• Made of sheet steel and painted with white epoxy (RAL 9010).

• Opaline plastic diffusor.

• Power supply voltage  230VAC/ 50 Hz.

• Protection grade IP-65.

• Accessible from above.

• Quick connector.

• Designed for installation in pharmaceutical technology panels of thicknesses varying from 60 mm to 150 mm.

• Power of each light 48,7 W.

• LED made in Austria.

• Light flow: 4.517 lm.

• Combined LED module for general and emergency lighting.

• Separate built-in emergency lighting LED, controlled by EM powerLED.

• High Ra colour reproduction Ra > 80.

• Colour temperatures  3.000 and  4.000 K.

• Self-cooling (no additional heat dissipater required).

• Long life: 50.000 hours.

• 5 years’ LEDs guarantee.